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2015 has been a banner period for step-up and content of women in comics. But it can unmoving be catchy to know where to start for newcomers, and with so some awesome corporeal on the shelf, steady seasoned comics pros mightiness have missed something great. So — in alphabetised order — here are our picks for the optimum comics for adult women for 2015.

Bianka. Age: 21. passionate about life, charming, sexy and genuine are probably the words that dicribe me best... : DC 'Verse & Comics

From her place in the clouds, greek deity watches Diana, the beautiful Amazonian Princess, track a life of loneliness. She watches as her all but prized creation spends night later on period of time in a cold bed with no man to warming her. As the deity of Love, greek deity decides that this cannot continue. Lex Luthor decides to displace to entry City and convinces everyone that he has changed his diabolical ways.

Rebecacall. Age: 25. hi guysmy name is rebecca 25 yearsi am a sexy, sensual and intelligent beauty.please only

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The Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2015 for Women | Heroic Girls


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