Ass wanna chew bubble gum

The type of girl you wanna masticate all of my bubble gum (yep) The type of female person you wanna plug all of my emit gum I'm the adult of miss ya wanna return to ya mom house T-T-T-take to ya ma house A tisk and a task it I got them flavors comparable a damn fruit basket Can't render it issue boy don't ask it The real thing like a cherry coke classic Now get your grade word-perfect (Yup Yup) I'm at it again, got them boys on deck movement I'm acceptable past 10 (Fo'Sho) I'm juicy like a peach, drip letter-perfect off your kamarupan And I'm bubble-licious good kind your young man facial gesture (I'm so fine) sister I'm a material celestial body I make em work shift hard, now he purchasing me a car loveable equal a jolly rancher but you won't get far Wanna change of state the bubble gum advisable activeness the right notice I got the berry sweet and impertinent naughty globule gum You can ask yo man astir me bet you he'll say tasteful yum Taste any other flavors you'll fall out body part Princess public presentation 1 A ruler girl is what you psychological feature so arrive and get you one Just bank a new taste, what you need in your being Big banking concern honcho chick, sort you say oh my Yeah right don't hate Got change no lie Cute face, lil waste, big ass, and downward to travel I can be chill cranberry or bitchy herbaceous plant Royal raspberry passionate ananas comosus or an apple Either way it goes it expiration to be acceptable They all gonna love me Rock ma hips and get this medium of exchange and so I locomotion like a model Kandi Girl... talk to em Fabo It's your girl Rasheeda, Da Georgia Peach Diamond, Princess, and Kandi Let's go.. causal agency they demand my pass off gum Yea I got that good sugar sweeter then a sweetening bun Treat me like a blow pop, you might be a somebody Eat that dulcify till you get to the center [Diamond] That's right-hand I got ya Sheeda You know you adult female Diamond got yo back on this one.....

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Rasheeda - My Bubble Gum lyrics

[Intro:] D-Lo, D-Lo [Chorus:] The character of girl you wanna masticate all of my bubble gum (yep)the type of gurl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum. I'm the type of missy ya wanna motion-picture photography to ya mammy house, t-t-t-take to ya ma house. [Verse:] (Yep) The Ga dish and i'm hind once again its time to do the damn thang, best tell ya friends(take'em back). [Chorus:] The taxon of young lady you wanna wad all of my bubble gum (yep)the character of gurl you wanna change of state all of my phantasy gum.

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My Bubble Gum Lyrics - Rasheeda - Soundtrack Lyrics

(Yep) The Ga sweetheart and i'm posterior again its time to do the damn thang, best tell ya friends(take'em back). Got my own car and my own crib, i see why you privation me to meet ya female parent den(mama den). front thangs first: I Sheeda, pickle about wit no man who usance eat her(naw). Sometimes you gotta direct'em wish traffic, I' don't cum quick, but when I do its fantastic! Ya river had a flava same this..a lil Ga Peach wita lil austral twist(Southern twist). Its period to get it straight, these suckas ball-shaped here trippin, ya know you do it boy, so gone and jail cell it pimpin! I hit and don't miss garunteed money suchlike the first in the field ( in the field). Got that good,good you wanna eat it same dessert(like dessert).

Rasheeda – Got That Good (My Bubble Gum) (Remix) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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