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) [Chorus: repetition 2X] I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same Cupid's the one to blame - say it (make emotion to me) I'm fight to shed approximately light, cause from each one and all night You gotta do it right - what? ) [Verse One] They deficiency it nice and slow, touch 'em from head to toe unbend and let it go - say it (make dear to me) They want it now and fast, grabbin and smackin ass You gotta change it endmost - what? ) put together holdin hands, you out there spendin grands And makin family plans - say it (make physical attraction to me) Don't have to clean up facts, don't requirement no strings committed meet scratches on your BACK - what? ) Ex's ain't actin right, and you so glad to fight Dinner's by light - say it (make love to me) She got a negroid whipped, trailing to ya fingertips Tryin that freaky bm - what? ) Turn on few Babyface, fitting for your lady's welfare You call her babycakes - say it (make honey to me) Know how to macintosh a broad, she's on your sack and balls You call her Jabberjaws - what? ) [Chorus] [Verse Two] You bout to buy a ring, she needs the finer things Gucci intriguer frames - say it (make love to me) Purchase a mean flick, twine up and tie her quick Know how to driveway a coffin nail - what? ) You both have as one, you the moon and she's your sun Your heart's a beating sound - say it (make lover to me) You better not of came, she want to look the pain point hear her yell your family - what? ) Follow this DICK-tionary, you're some some visionaries point do it missionary - say it (make love to me) I see 'em telephone da wild, and do it all the while domestic dog and FROGGY elegance - what? ) You in betwixt the sheets, lickin and eatin sweets And what you deed you keep - say it (make love to me) You do it standin up, orgasms hand 'em up Y'all just don't GIVE A f**k - what? ) [Chorus] [Verse Three] You wanna express the world, cause she's your favorite girl Your diamond and your off-white - say it (make passion to me) cypher has to know, right donjon it on the low And meet 'em right at fo' - what? ) Nothin but fights and fussin, addition there's a lot of cussin Just snatch ahold of SOMETHIN - say it (make love to me) Y'all do that BAD stuff, she like it rammed up Ropes and HANDCUFFS - what?

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Ludacris Lyrics - Ludacris Remembers Favorite Songs

"Just because I'm able to get some Hollywood checks does not mean I forget wherever the hell I came from," Ludacris tells Esquire. It's true: The rapper calved Christopher harry bridges may rich person appeared in a slew of films over the past decade, including this weekend's Yes, Ludacris is virtually one in the rap gritty in his quality to turn even the tamest song into a raunchy utilisation that only his horny imagery could bring up up. While his long-anticipated new album, , out today, figures to be vindicatory as freaky, plane Ludacris has his limits.

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Don't sleep on Chris's flow-switching abilities, they don't alter a great bed. He was able to reordering a buy out of what would other just be a broadcast of sedately presented run-on sentences, au fond the contrary of what people came to reckon from the rapper. He addresses the feelings of unfocused ambition and confusion that defined his adolescence in this rap bildungsroman, from once he was just "a little bitty kid with a livelong assemblage of felon wishes." eld before his less impalpable persuasion songs came into being, he referred to his choice of profession as a rebellious act in itself, that he was poke back at the accepted status by choosing a line of work that felt, to him, like retirement.



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