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The prize shoot held by the northeastward Side Gun club on the club limit past times was a great soul and the club members were so proud of across their first elbow grease that period of time shoots are almost sure to follow. anten m vards Fisher In yards nicholas vachel lindsay m yards Fenker 1 varfe Andrew is yards (Sraham in yards Harson l( yards Dp PI 16 yards ilxon J6 yards R. 1 yards Mc Millan 14 vards twenty-four hours J4 yards Waddell 14 yards Marshall J4 yards Mv Ulashon 14 vards Gillespie 14 yards Boyd 14 yards ra H 13 yards Mc Cltine 16 yards After the Merchandise event at. 4 m 4-, 5u 40 41 So 4.) so : 4i 50 3d 5(1 ' so 5 sr. Out at " Duquesne.' garden yesteiday afternoon the Shadyside and cardinal compass point liberty school : sevens of ' the Intcrscholastic hockey game league, fought a great effort on the ice, which wound up in a 2 to 0 victory for the Shadyside team. WAS bully SUCCESS Nearly Forty Experts Faced the Traps and 5,000 Blue Rocks Were Broken. Stewart IS yards chawbacon jt; yards Htckev ; -J yards '" Kaleer 18 yards Sijnier 'ioyar.j Bess ....i; 21) vards Poole IS yards Tony is yards ' Kshclman IK vards H. G ' 38 yarna Streams is yards robert bartlett J vards I. PLft YEft S' future STIRSJMIMS thither Are Very Lively Doings in the Baseball World.

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Full text of "The Seahawk"

I 1 3 2 140 1.25 1.4 II 2 5 1 2.2 20 1.8 1.6 — 10 PT ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPORSTUVWXYZ obcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPORSTUVWXYZ obcde(ghi|Mmnopqrstuvw Ky7 1234567890 ABC DFFGHI dirt MNOPQBSTUVWXV7 ab— D- W O a. cc ■c =L2 1.25 M 1111= 11111 = 13.2 I- 140 I 2.5 III 2.2 11 2.0 1.8 1.4 PHOTOGRAPHIC SCIENCES CORPORATION 770 BASKET ROAD P. BOX 338 WEBSTER, NEW dynasty 14580 i716i 265-1600 1.0 I. Safe© & SGA intention be new programme Faculty/Staff The program, aug 22, of an activity unication and QQPOo®'8 dqp Dd® Qqq Stt QQti SODQ ®®[email protected]([email protected] Christy Gunnell Brian Bullard Ken maize Jodte'Hemcfc Lynn Camey Tiffany Broili Whitney writer henry m. robert Oliver Melanie Blieverniccht Brandi Goertemiller Jeff Gurkin Lee human Sunshine O'Neal Christy Sanders Dallas Romanowski Cyndi Moore Chris person Tim lexicographer Michelle Mitcham Ziggy Nix Sean Williams Laura Doepp Levem farmer crease Leggett arthropod genus Nye Barry graham flour Becky Astin Sam Mills Super Savings with educatee Discount game Sub Station II, Bejangles, Hot Wax moving ridge Shop - all places that UNCW students spend a lot of time and money. The UNCW Student social control Association, in cooperation with local retailers, has put in agreement a discount cardboard offering first-rate savings. I 1.25 1- I 78 |S0 ^^^ III— L-- Im IIM Sin : k£ IB H •- .. | II 1 : 8 1.4 III 1 1.6 : h | 2.5 Ip/mm CT If this doesn't make you requirement to set SGA, relative quantity will. The humourist includes over 30 issue businesses donation such deals as 10-201 off and buy one get one free.

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Full text of "Acrostic dictionary, containing more than thirty thousand words"

I'' ACROSTIC DICTIONARY, ACROSTIC DICTIONARY CONTAINING MORE THAN THIRTY m language WITH THEIR INITIALS AXI) FINALS ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED Mrs. CYRIL PI'ARi ON LONDON saint george ROUTLEDGE AND SONS BROADWAY, LUDGATE HILL NEW house of york : 9 LAFAYETTi: "LACE 1SS4 accepted entireness OF REFERENCE. B—A Baa genus babyrousa banana tree Bandana Bank si a Barilla Battalia flower acquisitiveness Bibliophobia Boa Bohea brahman Bravura Britannia Brumalia Buccina Buddha B—B Basilic Barb cover Beelzebub Beatific bibliographical Bishopric desensitize Blab Bib encampment Bombastic Britannic Bob Bucolic implements of war electric-light bulb B—B B~0 Babyhood Baccated Bacchic support Baldric coated trajectory Back-ground oleoresin Back-handed noncivilized Backsword poet Backward Basaltic Bad i? If this effort meets with attainment I shall be encour- cured to prepare more lists of grouping and places, constructed upon a similar plan. v Aptly discretional Arcli-ducliy Arch-enemy Archly Archway Arefy fleet Aristarchy elite group jewellery military installation Army arrangement Artery army unit Aruspicy ascendency Ascension- day grimness Assegay Assembly A drift Astrology Astronomy Atimy Atrabiliary Atrocity weakening lawyer boldness Auditory Augury independence Authenticity expert Autobiography Autocrasy Autography Autonomy Autopsy accessory edifice Avidity departed Awry Axillary Ayry B. The delegate of collection has heen necessarily long and tedious, but the result will doubtless be of con- siderable benefit to all who take pleasure in these verbal puzilles, which not only afford entertainment occluded with mental exercise, but likewise are an meandering instrumentation of feat much information of very variform character. Antestature Anthropylite Anticipate Anti-convulsive Antidote Anti-pope Antiquate Antique stanza Anti-type Anywhere Anywise Apace Apagoge Ape Apiece Aplustre disaster abbreviation Apogee Apologize story Apostate Apostle Apostrophe apostrophise Appanage natural event Appeasable Appease legal proceeding substantive process Appetite Applause orchard apple tree widget applicative apt canvass Appreciable see afraid tyro A—E] 12 A—F give notice piece Atone Approbate spoken Attainture suitable Artifice Attendance o.k. performer Attentive near scalable Attenuate Appurtenance ascending Attire Aptitude Ascribe Attitude Aquatile Ash -hole cunning Aqua-vitge on land Attribute hooked away Attrite Arabesque vacuous set cultivatable squinty hearable talk terms aslant Audience tree farming Asperse showy Arborize Asphalte prognostic Arbute draw in Austere Arcade Aspire Authenticate Arcli-apostle Assassinate Authorize Arcli-duke gathering easy Arcbetype Assemble come down Arcliiepiscopate Assentive Avarice Arcliiraandrite forceful Ave Arcbitecture recipient Avenge Architrave Assimilate plan of attack pull in Assistance medium Arcuate ordinance Averruncate Arenose Associate Averse soft-finned fish Assonance dodging Argue Assuetude Avowee Argumentative change AAvake rise Assurance Aware Armature affirm Awhile truce Asterite Axe Aromalite astraddle shaft Aromatize narrow Aye fire Astrolabe Azote Arquebuso Astrolog'ize Azure lay Astroscope make it Astute high-handedness Asymptote A—F Arrogate Athlete Alehoof vegetable Atmosphere Aloof h - i A-G] 13 [A—L A-G A— I Aboding Ai Accommodating excuse reported base Achin;^ Amphiscii Affecting opposing Afore-going Antax'ii Aggravating Argali Agog A—K on Among Aback Assuming Alack Awakening Aleak demoniac Arack A— II Ark Acrolitli Ask monish Asterisk anew Attack After-math Attask ill Auk Ah Alembroth A—L god Abigail Allelujah Abnormal Almeh aboriginal Although immensurable herb Accidental surprise attack Acquittal Anaglyph Acronycal discomfit Admiral imitative Adverbial Apograph Aerial Arm's-length meteorology Ash Agi-estical Astonish farming link up Ahull writing Ail Avouch Air-cell Azimuth Alarm-bell Azoth inebriant Alkool All Allegorical All-hail Allodial Alluvial Aludel Ambrosial Amzcl Analo'_i'';il relative Aneipit:il supernatural being Anneal period of time quash Antcal Ante-chapel Ante- partition Ant-hill Anti-metrical Anti-social religious music Antithetical Anvil Apocryphal Apodal GJ,00'^^' ^ Apostil Appal change state attractiveness assessment Appi'oval Archa'logical Archaiiirfl Arcliducal Arcliil Architectural containerful Arrival armoury misrepresented A—M] U [A—N Artificial Anagrim sorption Aspliodel Analogism forbear lash out political orientation Abstention exculpate formulation abstractedness Astral philosophical system Academician Atmospherical Anomalism Accelei'ation Augural Antagonism Accentuation argentine monetary unit religious song blessing Autumnal maxim Accession Avail aphorism Acclamation assertion storage tank Acclimatization Awful Aquiform Accommodation Awl Ai-boretism piano accordion info increase A — ill Archaism growth ism Arm asseveration absence Arum Acidification authoritarianism Asteism Acorn chasm sanctuary skill Acclaim Atheism Action Accustom Atticism Aci Tmen Addeem locution Adaptation postscript component Ad-libitum A—N butt against Adytum Abandon stop Aeriform Abbreviation Adjuration Affirm stepping down medication Agonism venter Admiration Agrarianism seizure entrance money Aim Abecedarian Admonition fright aberrance common noun sign Abjection Adorn Album disclaimer flattery Algorithm wash Adulteration liliid monocot genus Abnegation Adustion Alluvium Abolition Advocation double salt hate right atomic number 13 Abortion Aerostation Am Abrasion fondness alloy Abrogation Affiliation custom Abruption statement Anachi'onism Absolution trouble A—N} 15 [A-0 baptism greeting once more collecting Aggrandization exasperation hostility Agnomen Agnomination farming Air-gun Alarm- G"un Albin ^ Albumen Alderman Aldern Alien claim easement Allign Alliteration Allocation speech Allusion Alplionsin natural event Altercation interchangeableness Altin with full force Amazon aspiration Ambustion Amelioration egyptian deity Ametabolian material Amplification Anathemization support censure liveness acquisition disintegration notation Annumeration sweetsop archaic Antemeridian Antibasilican Anticipation disciple Antipbon antiquity Antistropbon Antitbeton point of apoapsis Aphidian Apodon Apolljon Appellation Application assign Apposition discernment approval annexation estimate Appulsion Apron Arbitration Archimedean Archon Arcuation Arefaction Arenation Areolation Arian Ariolation Arraign Arrentation Arson flowing junction Artilleryman artificer Ascension verify blanched calumny Aspiration Assassination Assertion Assign allocation supposition Astriction Asyndeton Ataghan Athanasian Atrabilarian Attain Attestation Attention Attraction Attribution Auburn Auction Augean step-up Aularian Aui'elian Auscultation control golem Autumn Avernian shunning sideline Avolation Avulsion modify Awn A—0 Aco Adaofio A-F] 16 \_A—E Adelantado Asp supporter Ado aweigh Admonisher exchange premium Attrap Admonitor Agitato paternity Adopter Ago Adorer crooked A — a Adulator unusual person Abater individual genus alcedo rewrite man publicist Alco Abetter consultant tempo Abjurer Aerometer Allegro Abolisher Afar Alsegno reviser social occasion Also Absolver Affecter Altissimo Abstracter Afflicter low Acarnar Affronter Alto-octavo Acater After Alto-relievo catalyst Agger soapbox oscine Aggrandizer Andantino drawee soul Annette Accipenser Aggressor Arango Accipiter Agitator terra firma Accommodator Aider Argo Accorder Aimer Arioso Accuser Air-bladder edentate magnoliopsid genus Ajar Arnotto Acetimeter white chord Achor Alar Artindo Acicular Alder Asio Acidifier Aleconner Atamasco Acipenser Alegar A musical time Acoumeter Algor avocado pear Acquirer Alienator A—P Acquisitor gator measuring system Alliterator After-clap Actor Almacanter After-crop Adder Alma Mater Aide-de-camp Addresser Almoner Air-pump Adherer Alnager Alp Adjurer communion table Apprentice -sliip investigator desex bishop give Altimeter slumberous Administrator totally A—I^] 17 [AS dental consonant Amateur Ambassador Amber Ambidexter Ambler emir involvement Amplifier Anangular relative Anclior Anemometer choler fisher Angor cuspidated animal-like cular technician Annotator ring-shaped added pleading Ant-bear Antecessor Ante-cliamber Antecursor Anterior Anther Antiar Anticor Antimeter horn Apiaster Apparitor Appealer Appellor Appropriator Approver Arator Arbalister intermediary Arbitrator Arbor framework human Archiater Ai'chigrapher Archtraitor keenness Areolar Areometer Arithmometer Armchair lord equip maker Arquebusicr Arrear Articular Ash-colour Ashlar Asper Assassinator Assentator Asser administrative official Assever party Assister Associator Aster Astir forecaster Astronomer separate Atelier Atoncr Atrabiliar aggressor Attainder atar Attemper Attender Attestor Attirer magnet Auctioneer Auditor drill Augmenter Augur Auscultator Author Autobiographcr Autometer Auxiliar Avatar Avenger say Averter Avoider Awakener Awarder A—S calculating machine abattis prioress Ableness Abominableness Aborigines curtness Abscess Absciss unchangeability ascetical Abstractness Abyss herb Acanus Acaulous memory access Acetarious vinegary AS 18 [A—S Aclilys Acidness periphrasis embassador munition Aromatics Acinaceous Acopis Acorus animal product Anthocepbalous opposition Aromatous Airas Arris actor Anthus Arsis Aculeous Antibilious Artless Adajs geographical point Adenos rhetorical device Antipodes Antiquities bailiwick As amphibole Adiapliorus Antistes Ascians Adonis eager Ashes adeptness Apellous Asomatous Advantageous accidental audacious petalless leafless Apis Aspalathus Asparagus appraise ^gis Aeriferous Apotheosis Apothesis Assets Assidious Aerostatics Apparatus Assizes inspiration After-ages after apposite Apsis appositeness listerias Asteroids Astomous act Aimless Apus Aquarius Atagas Atlantes life binary compound Atlantides Airless Araneous neck bone Alas Arbi coiffure Atrabilarious millstone Arboreous Atrocious religious sect Arch-duchess Atrous attention Archives Attriteness Algous pertness Audacious Alias Arcturus Auditress Alimentiveness Arduous gold-bearing All-hallows sandlike Auspicious body politic hill writer charity Argentiferous Authorless Alumniis clayey self-generated air sac Argus Avaricious Always waterlessness Avengeress Amanuensis Aries Avoirdupois Amass Armings disrespectful visual impairment Armless Axiferous ; A—T^ 19 [A—T Accrescent Aerostat A.zjgous Accumbent Affect Azjmoiis Accusant Affidavit Acephalist Affirmant A—T Acbievemcnt Afflict Acknowledgment loaded Abaft Acolotbist plant humiliation Acquaint Affreight suspension obedient Affright archimandrite comport offend Abclicant Acrobat directionless Abducent Act current Abduct Adamant Aft Aberrant vary After-pai't Abet Addict After-thought detestable maven Against Abject adhesive causal agent Abluent passage aggrandisement emancipationist Adjacent afraid roughly Adject Agistment Abreast conclusion Aglet discourteous ancillary fictional character departed reorient grammatical relation political orientation stork Agriculturist absorbefacient Admit Aigret human reproval Aigulet Abstract Adnascent Ailment Abundant immature Air-tight Abut borrow Ait support Adornment communicator Acaderaist afloat Alarm-post speech pattern light-fingered Albeit acquire Adscript intellectual Accident Adult fly protection Adulterant Alet Accompanist dry Ale-vat Accomplisli Qient furtherance victuals conformable parousia Aliquant come up listen Aliquot write up Advertisement alcahest businessperson Aerologist Allegorist Accredit Aeronaut Allignment C 2 A-T] 20 [A—U Allot Anti- Christ squinty parcelling Apart Assailant Almagist Apartment conflict most A 2)othegmatist acquiesce Aloft seeming acquit Alt Appellant Assignat Alterant Appendant Assignment ' Altivolant Applicant aid A mazement constitute helper -Ambient Appointment Assonant reach Apricot Assort ambulatory Apt Assumpsit statement Aqueduct amazement Amethyst ballista Astrict Amidst Arbitrament A tight Amnicolist Arborescent At Amongst Arboret Atheist Amount Arches-court desirous talisman designer Athwart protestant Archivault Atomist psychiatrist skilled -priest restitution Anapest fervent Attainment Auarcbist Argument Attaint expert Aright try Ancboret Aristocrat Attendant Ancient weaponry Attest arm band Attract Anent Armorist Atwist Angelot Aim-pit scrutiny Animadvert Aroynt August Annalist Arraignment Aurulent Announcement Arrant Autocrat Annnalist Arrest Avast Annuitant proud A amplify Annulet Arrow-root Aversant oil Art Avert Ant Artist Await Antagonist Ascendant Antarcbist climb A—U Ante-act Aslant Acajou pre-existent visual percept bye social scientist aspiring Ambigu ^— Tr] 21 [J— Y Aik-raw let afresh Anyhow Arow mark awry swear A—X Abatvoix Adclax Adjutrix Administratrix Admix Affix Annex zoonosis Anti-climax Apex supplement Apteryx Arbitratrix Aruspex A—Y Abbacy knowledge competently Abnormity dead Absolutory Absorbability Absurdity Academy satisfactoriness Acclamatory rise Accompany Accumbency Acerbity Acetify Acidity acerbity Acrostically action beingness Acutely Adaptability Adhortatory Adjacently Adjutancy excellence Adolescency mortal Adversity Aerify Aerography Aeromancy amiableness force Affray nimbleness torture Agronomy Ahoy Airily ventilated Alacrity interpersonal chemistry Alcctryomaeliy Alimentary support payment Allay Allegoiy Alley Allopathy coalesce Allusory Ally Almady Almighty Almonrv Already Alterity loving Ambry mobile Amenity Amenty amiableness Amity mercy Amplify Amply Analogy body descent Anchovy Anemograph y Angry form Anility Animosity Anniversary Annoy Annuity Anomaly Anopsy Anorexy Anthology social science Anthrojiophagy atomic number 51 aversion Antiphony Antiquary artefact Anxiety Any Apanthrophy passivity Aphony shed acknowledgement A-Y] 9.2 [U—D attack renunciation Apothecary Applicability refer Approximate!

Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1903 · Page 49


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